After reading and viewing a wildly antisemitic rant by so-called comedian Ricky Gervais on a recent Jon Stewart TV show, where
Gervais thought it was funny to piss on the memory of Anne Frank and her family in WWII Holland during the dark
years of the Nazi Holocaust, a global boycott has been organized to ask all TV producers worldwide, including Jon Stewart,
to politely refrain from having the two non-talents — Gervais and Pilkington — on their shows until they recant their
apparent antisemitism and apologize to the memory of Anne Frank and her family for their very sick and outrageous “jokes”
about Anne Frank and her parents. It would be nice for Jon Stewart himself to also fess up and apologize to the American public
for hosting Gervais on his recent show and for not standing up to Gervais’ ugly antisemitic jokes about the Frank family.

“We are organizing a global boycott of all TV appearances for the two antisemitic ‘talents’ of Karl Pilkington and Ricky Gervais,
two sick Brits who need a wake up call about history,” according to the boycott’s press release.
”We are calling for a worldwide boycott of any TV shows showcasing the
sick antisemitic humor of Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington, both ugly
and sick antisemitic Brits. For them find fodder for humor in the
tragedy of Anne Frank and her family in Nazi-occupied Holland during
WW2, as they did on the recent on Stewart show, this is funny? Pissing
on the memory of Anne Frank? Ricky Gervais, and Karl P. you owe the
Anne Frank family an apology. Ricky and Karl, if British culture
thinks it’s FUNNY to piss on the grave of Anne Frank’s family, then UK
is a very sick place. Brits of the world, wake your fellow countrymen
up. These Anne Frank jokes by Karl and Ricky put Britain in a bad
light, a very bad light. What’s wrong with you guys?”

Want to join the boycott? Leave comments below. The boycott team is taking this
boycott campaign to the news editors
of the Jon Stewart Show, Comedy Central, CNN, the New York Times, the
Guardian, and 25 other major newspapers in the world. This is not a
Jewish boycott. This is a boycott of all lovers of comedy and humor
who HATE comedy and humor that belittles the dignity of all human
beings, whatever they race or color or religion and nationality.
What’s wrong with America these days, that Jon Stewart invites a
stupid antisemitic Brit like Ricky Gervais to piss on the grave and
memory of Anne Frank and her family? THAT IS FUNNY?

Says one joiner of the boycott in Manhattan: “Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve never found him that funny, on any topic. But for
Gervais and Pilkington to attack the Anne Frank family, that is really sick and disgusting, and even worse that Jon Stewart
was not man enough to stand up to Gervais and tell him to shut up.”

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