I am not going to mention his name. Evryone knows who he is. And I am not going to call him anti-semitic, just for getting caught redhanded posting a very questionable comment joke about a movie called THE PASSOVER PLOT, posting his “joke” with a fellow “funnyman” radio DJ in New York City, also famous in his region, posting the JOKE — haha — on the Passover Eve.

I used to be this columnist’s friend. We emailed back and forth for many years, and he sometimes used my news tips for his stories. He is a good man, an educated man, and I like him. But since this incident, when I unawares stumbled on his Facebook page where I saw him and his NYC DJ friend joking about The Passover Plot movie on the Eve of Passover, I think it was 2009, not 2010….and their riposte back and forth was something like “Yeh I think I will watch the DVD of this movie tonight or maybe save it for Easter Sunday!” — and my two former ”friends” (who have now defriended me from their FB pages and refuse to even answer my polite emails) thought this “joke” was funny, especially on the Passover eve.

What made the newspaper columnist’s “joke” so rude was the fact that he posted it with a note to his DB friend in NYC with a note saying “Hey, you will get accused of being anti-semitic for making that crack, better be careful!” They in fact thought all this was very funny, on the eve of Passover, which they were aware of. Ha ha?


Funny? I thought not. And I said so on their FB pages. And I also emailed both fo them. The response from my friend the Boston newspaper columnist? Total silence. Banned me from his FB page. Refused to answer my emails at his newspaper of record. Total silence. Just ran tail.


Now again, I do not believe for one second that he is antisemitic at all. He knows better. He knows our history. He is a good man. Yet, I tell this cautionary tale because with online features now all around us, some people use the internet to make their little “jokes” about the Jews, thinking that nobody is reading over their shoulders and that they can get away with it. They can’t.

Sigh. Happy Passover 2011.

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