I might be wrong about this, I often am, my batting average for predictions of this sort is 50 50, but reading all the stories on this MAYBE MOVIE DEAL in dozens of trade papers in Hollywood and now here …, i believe this movie will NEVER get made and it will NOT happen. This entire news cycle on the AK role as SJ was just a trial balloon WHAT IF maybe story to raise more money to the film and to try to get a studio to greenlight it. As of now, if you read the press releases SLOWLY and not so fast as we read on screen these days, you will see that this is an idea that has been floated. Ashton has been talked about for this role, but there are no contracts, the movie has NOT been greeenlighted, it is a mere IN development deal, meaning chances are 99 percent it will never get made. many news outlets took the press release bait hook line and sinker, . This movie is pie in the sky, it will never happen. Hollywood releases these kinds of WHAT IF MAYBE press releases all time, 14 times a day, all set up to raise funds and get the ball rolling, and 99 percent of the time it never happens.  the  headline should read “Ashton Kutcher’s name bandeid about to maybe play role of Steve Jobs if indie movie deal ever gets greenlighted and funds are raised; for now it’s a maybe might happen maybe might not happen story” — and if that headline is too long how about “Kutcher might play Jobs in maybe movie” ? Don’t play cute with press releases, Hollywood. Tell the truth.

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