Remember those old “Baby on Board” and “Baby in Car” signs in Boston in the 1960s and 1990s placed on car windows and bumper stickers designed to tell people to drive carefully?

Well, now there is the ”Baby in Womb” bumper sticker, which I created with designers from the Climate Action Team, and the new decal has been created to “protest the deadly carbon dioxide emissions our car and factory culture belch out 24/7.”

Advertising production artist Yu Yu-chi, 35, designed the “Baby in Womb” sign.

The mother of three said CO2 emissions are putting the future of the “human species, let alone new-born babies, in great peril.”

She says she hopes the decal can be used worldwide as a window and bumper sticker attention-getter and climate activist organizing tool.

“I just wanted to create something that might be useful for climate activists and climate protest groups around the world,” Yu said.

“If this sign can help people around the world focus better on what our carbon dioxide emissions are doing to the future of this planet, and humanity, then I will feel I have accomplished something.”

“The decal is free and available for anyone to copy and use and distribute. It’s our little gift to the world.”

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