Did you know it’s a mitzvah to get drunk on Purim? Why not combine that notion with a customary holiday dessert? Surprisingly, these eight hamantaschen recipes were harder to find than we thought. Put on your favorite podcast, Purim playlist or whatever puts you in a good mood, and get your (boozy) bake on!

Bloody Mary Hamantaschen

Just one among AliBabka’s gourmet cocktail hamantaschen collection, these “bloody good” hamantaschen spice things up with Tabasco sauce in both the filling and the sun-dried tomato dough.

Photo: AliBabka
(Photo: AliBabka)

Chocolate Bourbon Hamantaschen with Bailey’s Glaze

We are drooling over this chocolate bourbon ganache-filled Guinness dough that’s drizzled in sugary Bailey’s Irish Cream. Keep them away from kids—these hamantaschen are only for people 21-plus. But what did you expect? It’s like an edible Irish car bomb that won’t make you gag.

Photo: What Jew Wanna Eat?
(Photo: What Jew Wanna Eat)

Chocolate Stout Hamantaschen

Chocolate dough is everything. ♥ Also, this is an excellent pre-gaming option ahead of St. Patty’s Day.

(Photo: Almost Kosher)

Gummy Peach Vodka and Strawberry IPA Hamantaschen

In the culinary spirit of embracing this mitzvah, regular jellies, jams and preserves are lame. Just soak peach gummies in vodka and bake them, or make your own jam from beer-infused berries. Either way, it’s a win-win.

Gummy Peach Vodka 2
(Photo: Hummingbird High)


Matcha Hamantaschen with White Chocolate, Toasted Pecans and Sake-Infused Bing Cherries

While there is a time and place for white chocolate (never and in the trash), exceptions can exist. Like to unite the flavors in this carefully calculated, innovative dessert.

(Photo: A Jew’s Bouche)

Pina Colada Hamantaschen

Coconut dough made with shredded coconut and pineapple juice and an all-pineapple filling? We’ll toast to that. Rum icing optional! “If you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain….” 

Photo: Lil’ Miss Cakes
(Photo: Lil’ Miss Cakes)

Salted Bourbon Caramel Hamantaschen

This gooey center seems like the perfect candy bar caramel, only, you know, better. Because you made it yourself (it’s not that hard, promise). And it’s laced with bourbon.

(Photo: Jewish Food Experience)

Strawberry Champagne Rainbow Hamantaschen

The only champagne is in the frosting, so there will be plenty left for you to drink while waiting for these pretty confections to bake. Rainbow sprinkles are mandatory.

Photo: What Jew Wanna Eat?
(Photo: What Jew Wanna Eat)