Jewish Boston, I promise you that the Yemen Blues concert will be an amazing evening of Afro-Israeli-Yemenite-Blues-Funk-Jazz-Rythm. If you’ve seen Idan Raichel, you may have already seen Ravid Kahalani, who is also touring with Idan’s incredible Uruguayan percussionist who will blow your mind.

In this skype interview, I asked Ravid about multi-ethnic Israeli musicians working together. For me, the idea that people from all over the world can find harmony in Israel is an essential part of my fantasy of what the country should be.  Creating such harmony on stage is just the first step. Ravid challenges us to spread that harmony long after the concert ends.

That, my fellow jewishbotsondotcommers, is exactly what we hope happens when you go to a BJMF event. You hear something that touches you, regardless of the musical genre, and that moment makes you glad you’re alive and inspires you to do something kind or creative or wonderful or just plain nicer than you did before the concert. It gets you to think about the sheer wonder of being alive.

I urge you to come to the Somerville Theater on March 10 to experience one of the most exciting groups in world music today and to show your appreciation for what Israel and great music can offer us all.



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