Caring for our parents as they age can come with many challenges. It’s important to be able to read the signs and spot the differences between normal symptoms of getting older, indicators of a more serious illness, and knowing when to ask for help.
Here are seven warning signs your parent may need help:
  1. Becoming lost while driving or walking.
  2. Dents and scratches on your parent’s car as a sign of minor accidents.
  3. Declining or poor personal hygiene.
  4. Mail and overdue bills piling up.
  5. Forgetting how to use their telephone, TV or other devices.
  6. Loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyable.
  7. History of falls, difficulty walking or unsteadiness.

Certain things you notice may be signs of normal aging—like occasional forgetfulness, forgetting names or a particular word—but if your once-open parents are now secretive, or not forthcoming about their lives, pay attention. If your parents were very proud of their home and their yard and are now neglecting it, pay attention. Any change in weight, personality or confusion may be a sign of serious illness.

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