Dear World,

I’m still not pregnant.

Also, cats are not babies. I have a cat. I do not have a baby. They are not the same thing. While this seems like an easy concept to understand, many people (including Suzie) get confused and call their cats their “babies,” and put hoodies with ears on children.

To help clear things up, here are a few key differences:

  • Babies make lots of noises, but cats only say “meow.”
  • I am not allergic to babies.
  • One doesn’t save up money to put cats through college.
  • One doesn’t save up money to give cats therapy.
  • Cats do not stay in strollers even when you put the seatbelt on.
  • Babies cannot be trained to poop in a litter box. (Not that I know of, anyway. I’m not a mom though. You could try it, I guess.)

Also! In case you’re still fuzzy on the details of the Pesach story, here is a fabulous buzzfeed article on the story of Passover–as told by cats. It’s surprisingly detailed!

Chag Sameach!

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