created at: 2013-03-26

I always overestimate the amount of matzoh that seder guests will eat. By the time dinner is over and everyone has noshed, nibbled, and dipped it in the chopped liver, there’s always at least a box or two remaining.

So what’s one to do with so much leftover matzoh? Sure, you can use it as a frisbee or a drink coaster, as demonstrated in this music video (which is a revelation and had me laughing the entirety of the video). But for more, well, edible uses, check out this list of well-researched ideas (some of which are kosher for Passover, some of which are not).

1. Matzoh S’mores

Pretty, isn’t it? Simply melt some chocolate (I used bittersweet and white), and drizzle it over both sides of two squares of matzoh. (This gives the top and bottom of the matzoh some chocolately reinforcement, which helps hide its inherent cardboard flavor.) Then do as you did when you were a kid at summer camp: Toast a marshmallow under the broiler, top with a couple squares of chocolate, smoosh together, and dig in.

2. Matzoh and a Cup of Tea

A dear college friend’s mom used to dip matzoh in her tea instead of tea crackers.

3. Matzoh Granola

Forgoing oats this Passover, but having trouble going a week without one of your favorite snacks? Serious Eats has your back. Blogger Lucy Baker has a recipe for Coconut Matzo Granola, which is chunky, sweet, and a perfect Passover snack.

4. Matzoh with Creative Toppings

Think of matzoh as a blank slate. Once you’re all cream-cheese-and-jelly-sandwiched out, try topping it with something a bit different: whipped goat cheese and a drizzle of honey, muhammara, nut butter, or the combination of soft avocado, smoked salmon, and a few drizzles of Sriracha sauce.

5. Matzoh-Rolo Bites

If you’re on Pinterest, you may have heard about the pretzel-Rolo bites that are taking the boards by storm. Why not try them with matzoh instead of pretzels? Simply preheat the oven to 250 degrees, and cover a sheet with 1-inch squares of matzoh, leaving about an inch between each piece. Top each piece of matzoh with an unwrapped Rolo candy, then bake until Rolo is soft but not runny, about four minutes. Then simply top each Rolo with a small topping of your choice, such as an M&M, pecan, or Reese’s Pieces. Transfer to refrigerator for a few minutes to cool and harden, then try not to eat the whole batch in one sitting.