This interview and the following clay mezuzah workshop were recorded for Shtot Fun Meysterz series run by Center Makor, a Jewish educational and cultural center in Brookline.

Shtot Fun Meysterz in Yiddish means “City of Masters.” City of Masters is a new online series featuring interviews and workshops with artists and artisans of all trades from our community and beyond.

In this video, Newton clay artist Yuliya Shulman will talk about her work and show you how to make your very own unique mezuzah box. For this masterclass, Yuliya picked a fun and easy technique that can be mastered by anyone and does not require any complicated tools or instruments.

Do it together with Yuliya, do it like Yuliya or do it better than Yuliya! Good luck!

The masterclass is in English, with an introduction in Russian. If you don’t know Russian or just want to skip the interview and go straight to the workshop, start at 15:55.

You don’t have to make a mezuzah box; using this technique, you can decorate anything you want. Please send us a picture of your craft at We’d love to see your work!

You can view Yuliya’s work on her website,

(Courtesy Yuliya Shulman)

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