created at: 2011-03-30

by Jerry Rubin

Last week at a meeting with Jerry McDermott, Massachusetts State Director for Senator Scott Brown, my friend Steve Tamasi, co-owner of the Accu Rounds and Boston Centerless manufacturing companies, provided insight to the senator and his budget-cutting colleagues on why we shouldn’t cut job training and placement funds in the midst of this terrible job market. Steve said that when his companies spend money on training their employees, they consider it an investment, not an expense. They have more than doubled their workforce over the past decade, dramatically increased sales, and would not have been to do this without a good deal of their own investments in training, combined with significant public training funds.

Others at the meeting, including me, related stories of how thousands of unemployed Massachusetts residents have found jobs through the one-stop career centers, how dozens of employers like Steve, have staffed their companies through the career centers, and how thousands of individuals have developed new skills to enter new careers through the training programs offered throughout the state.

The House continuing resolution, passed by a strictly party-line vote, and supported by every Senate Republican, including Senator Brown, would end all of these services. Not reform, not streamline, not improve, but end. I truly do not believe that the message Congress wants to send to small businesses and unemployed and under-skilled workers is that you are on your own, so “good luck.”

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