Dear Friends,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving & would like to wish you a Happy Chanukah!  

A lot is happening here in the Chapter.  People are hard at work on the Tu B’shvat sedar, our health program on Jewish Genetic Disease, Women of Distinction and more.  The lunch and learn with cardiologist Ronen Beeri got rave reviews. 

Another first- Hadassah received praise in Al Jazeera press for the treatment of Palestinian children with heart disease.

See below from Ron Krumer:

“Arab media seldom publishes positive stories about Israel, or Israelis. Al-Jazeera is considered to be the CNN or Fox news of the Arab world. They couldn’t ignore an event where Hadassah was praised for the way it treats everyone.

Pax Medicalis is an organization in France of health care professionals of all faiths and nationalities who work to promote peace. Hadassah was featured in their recent conference near Nice by Prof. Eitan Kerem, head of the pediatric department at Mt. Scopus, and by Dr. Muriel Haim, co-founder and president of “A Heart For Peace”.

Dr. Haim spoke about the amazing project of life-saving heart surgeries for Palestinian babies her organization sponsors together with Hadassah, in the pediatric cardiology department under Prof. Azaria Rein.

Prof. Kerem told the audience the story of the CF Center he and his colleagues at Hadassah Mt. Scopus helped to establish in Gaza.

As I wrote above, even Aljazeera could not ignore it and here’s a link to their website:

On Friday December 3rd (Hebrew calendar) and on Tuesday, December 21st (English calendar) we celebrate the 150th birthday of Henrietta Szold.  It was her dream that led to the creation of the many flourishing projects that Hadassah has built and nurtured.  We can all be proud to be a part of her carde of women who make a difference.  This Shabbat as you light the candles, please take a moment to share Henrietta’s story.  You might even want to serve a birthday cake in her honor.  We have copies of It Takes a Dream, The Story of Hadassah by Marlin Levin available for purchase at the Boston Chapter office.  I suggest that this would be the perfect book group for Hadassah’s centennial next year!

I have received an urgent plea for Young Judaea scholarships (see below).  In this time of economic uncertainty, many families are unable to afford sending their children to camps and Israel programs.  These life changing programs have a profound impact on our youth.  I am also sending you a copy of the Kol Hatnua – a YJ on-line newsletter.  Please take some time and read the types of experiences Hadassah is providing, and the programs that YJ youth have created and are involved in.  You will all be proud.




During this Chanukah season, as you gather with your families and friends, please share some of these stories.  Consider whether giving money to Young Judaea for scholarships would be meaningful for you and let others know of this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our youth.

As you may know, you can go on the Hadassah website to watch the menorah being lit each evening and to hear Chanukah music.  I continue to receive much information from Israel about the great work that we are doing.  Hadassah was able to open our youth villages to evacuees fleeing the recent fires in Haifa.  There is also news of the work that Hadassah does in organizing Israel’s tissue bank for skin grafts needed for burn victims throughout the country (see e-bulletin).

Best wishes for a Chanukah lit by the candles of the menorah and by the miracles that you create as part of the Hadassah family!

Robin Shuman
Boston Chapter President


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