This month, Wendy’s Restaurants, in collaboration with JFS of Metrowest, are selling gift books containing 10 coupons redeemable for a Jr. Frosty for only $1 a booklet. All proceeds will benefit Adoption Choices, a non-profit licensed adoption program run by JFS of Metrowest that has been providing Massachusetts families with comprehensive adoption services since 1982.


created at: 2010-10-08Here are some ideas for your Frosty coupons:

  • Give them out to strangers as you wait in line at the bank, grocery store, etc.
  • Give one to your Rabbi in exchange for a list of all eligible singles who belong to your Temple.
  • Give one to your landlord and then ask for a decrease in rent.
  • Give one to your significant other.  (Word of caution:do not give Frosty coupons in lieu of birthday, anniversary or special occasion gifts. Loss of significant other may ensue.)
  • Give one to your mail carrier. (It will make up for that time your dog attacked them..)
  • Give them out to Trick or Treaters (Anything is better then a roll of pennies. Trust me.)
  • Give one to the cashier ringing up your purchase instead of cash . (Frosties are delicious, they may prefer them to money.)


  • Keep them all for yourself. 🙂


What are you waiting for? Order your booklets here!


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