Adoption Choices, our non-profit, licensed adoption program, has launched a blog on

The blog is a forum for Adoption Choices parents to share stories about their parenting and adoption experiences. We have a rotating cast of four contributors, all Adoption Choices adopters, who contribute a new post on a weekly basis. Below is an excerpt from our second blog post, dated 12/21.

“My husband and I call our son Maximus. It struck us one day when he was about 10 months old, slumped in his highchair with a look of disdain on his face as my husband was feeding him paté. Yes, paté. Maximus is quite the carnivore, so much so that we can drive excitement for pretty much any food by calling it “egg-meat” or “cheese-meat” or “pear-meat”.  Anyway, since then we have found his imperial view of the world wildly entertaining as well as terribly humbling for us, two well-educated professionals reduced to being the personal valet of a sometimes temperamental  toddler.” …Read More

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