Yes, it can taste like cardboard
But please try not to worry
After all it was invented
By people in a hurry.

The slaves ate fresh-baked matzah
While longing to be free
Then dashed from Pharaoh’s Egypt
And crossed the wide Red Sea.

So we eat matzah also
To relive our people’s past
So the story will endure
The memories will last.

The Israelites made matzah
Their departure was so hasty
Today we can enjoy it
By spreading something tasty.

Some revel in the crunchiness
It goes straight to their tummy
But we can be creative
To make it somewhat yummy.

Try eating it with cream cheese
Spread it with grape jelly
Matzah brei for breakfast
Will really fill your belly.

Have matzah with soft margarine
Slap on some mayonnaise
Try honey, cheese or butter
You’ll get through those eight days.

No toppings for the Israelites
They really had no choice
But our munching and our crunching
Gives our ancestors a voice.

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