Many parents just assume that a Jewish day school is beyond their financial reach. Lindsay Desmettre, the mother of a current fifth and third grader at Epstein Hillel School, felt the same way. “I wanted EHS for my children, but I didn’t think that I could afford it. A close friend convinced me to apply and see what kind of financial aid I’d receive. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a generous package that has enabled both of my kids to attend. I couldn’t be more delighted and hope that others can learn from my experience.”

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Epstein Hillel School is excited to announce several new affordability programs for the 2022-2023 school year through the generous philanthropy of many community members. As one of the most affordable Jewish day schools in the Boston area, EHS is committed to making a Jewish education accessible for every family who wishes their child to have the EHS experience. EHS recognizes that the cost of independent school tuition may seem out of reach for some families, and that every family situation is unique. We invite parents to explore this process with individualized support through our business office. The three new programs for this school year are:

  • DISCOVER: The Discover Program is available for kindergarten or first grade students entering EHS for the first time in 2022-2023. This grant program offers qualifying families a flat tuition rate of $13,000 for the first year. In subsequent years, families can apply for the Leap or Reach programs. This incentive is intended to help our newest families with adjusted gross incomes of below $350,000 afford an EHS education, while at the same time streamlining the overall financial aid process.
  • LEAP: The Leap Program is available for all current and prospective students. This grant program offers qualifying families a flat tuition rate of $16,000 for each year with a maximum annual increase correlated with board-approved tuition increases in any year, until graduation. This tuition program will be guaranteed for the duration of your student’s time at EHS as long as family adjusted gross income remains below the $350,000 threshold. This incentive is for families who seek to lock in the cost of an EHS education up front, while at the same time streamlining the overall financial aid process.
  • REACH: The Reach Program is an annual grant that offsets the cost of tuition to make an EHS education within reach for all families. This program is for families who feel that the above two programs will not meet their needs. This program requires a more comprehensive evaluation of a family’s financial situation. Families may qualify for up to 80% tuition reduction.

In designing these new programs, Michael Slater, EHS director of finance and operations, wanted to specifically target the perception that financial aid was limited and not widely available.

“We know that middle-income families worry that they might not fit into tuition incentives,” he said. “Our Discover and Leap programs specifically target  families whose combined household income is less than $350,000. Every Jewish student on the North Shore should have access to all that EHS offers and we do not want fear and the perception of ineligibility to prevent families from considering EHS. Discounts are available for families with multiple children paying full tuition, as well as for full-time Jewish community workers. Please inquire with the business office to learn more about these discounts.”

Both the application for admission and the various financial aid applications for 2022-2023 are open now; more information can be found here. For questions and assistance, please contact Mindee Greenberg, director of enrollment and marketing, at Students are now being accepted on a rolling basis until a class is filled. EHS recommends applying early to secure a seat, as many of the classes are on track to be completely filled.

Head of school Amy Gold has made tuition affordability one of her main goals since beginning her tenure in 2015. “We have already received positive responses from families who will benefit from these programs,” she said. “These families want their children to have the EHS experience, but due to the financial commitment, it seems out of their reach. The support from these programs makes joining the Epstein Hillel School a reality.”

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