It was a typically diverse and interesting day at Prozdor on October 5: here’s just a taste of what was happening!

BEES IN ACTIONEtrog Taxonomy, Honey Bees, and Hummus-Making: Just Another Sunday At Prozdor

In Jennifer Gordon’s “Feast, Fast, and Foliage” class, we had a special guest from The Best Bees company who came along with a few dozen of her close friends… a beehive of honey bees! We learned about wax, varieties of seasonal honey, and how to make your gardens more hospitable to honey bees by planting a variety of plants and flowers that bloom over the course of the year. It was a noisy, tasty, and fascinating visit.


Etrog Taxonomy, Honey Bees, and Hummus-Making: Just Another Sunday At ProzdorIn Talya Sokoll’s “Israeli Culture” class the students learned about hummus-making and made a deliciously-smelling, beautifully-textured batch of hummus that somehow managed to survive its trip through the Prozdor office and into Talya’s bayit.


In Dan Brosgol’s “Intergalactic Judaism” class, the students explored the history of the Etrog. Beginning with its first appearance in the book of Leviticus, and tracing its journey from India, to the Middle East, the island of Corfu, and to the West Indies, the evolution of the “citron” is far from simple. The students looked at the diversity of the citron family, including the bizarrely-shaped “Buddha’s Hand” citron, and got sidetracked into learning about the Emu War of 1932 in Australia. That’s a must-read.

For more reading on citron taxonomy, check this out.

Beyond these three things, Sunday also witnessed hula-hooping in Matt Lowe’s bayit using hoops that Matt made himself, a field trip for Laura Bellows’ “Food Justice” class to Powisset Farm in Dover, and some incredible sukkah models created by our Makor students.

Chag Sukkot Sameach! 

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