For fifteen years I was a synagogue rabbi and helped to create what I called, “A Revolution of Jewish Spirit.” I’m proud that I was able to lead the way in reinvigorating two dying synagogues, helping them merge and transform into a center of spirituality and love. My congregation became a center for anyone (Jewish, Christian, Atheist) seeking something more, something bigger, something beautiful – for those seeking Soul! 

During those early years, everywhere I went I heard that Judaism was dying, religion was waning and houses of worship were a lost cause. That is why it was such a joy to prove the naysayers wrong.

And what I discovered during that time, and see it again, now as a Life Coach, is that people are tired of old, stale forms of religion or tired, and faded versions of God. However, make no mistake about it, people today are hungry, like never before, for a God they can believe in and a spirituality which speaks to them.


True, The Old Man In The Sky who punishes us when we are naughty and rewards us when we are nice no longer works (not sure it ever really did). And long, drawn out prayer services where you have to stand cause you are told to, sit when you don’t want to, and mumble words you neither understand nor believe in, have failed. Proof is in the turnout, fall out and bailout of far too many mainstream centers of unspirituality.

Thank God that ain’t God. The Divine is something far more profound than a Supernal Archie Bunker dressed in Santa Claus drag.

Call It Infinity.

Call It the Eternal.

Call It the Force.

Call Her Soul.

Call Her Spirit.

Call Her Shechina. Yah. Gaia or Oprah (some probably will in 100 years).

She is far more sophisticated than needing us to rotely recite medieval poems in a language we don’t understand, on certain days, between specific hours, in just responsive readings and choreographed ways.

If it works for you  – great! Do it.

But if the old ways don’t work, then find new ways that do. She doesn’t care what you call Her or how you call out to Her. Just pick up the dam phone and call Her, find your way to Her and get to Her – any dam way you please!


You want to stand up and meet Her?

Then stand in Tree Pose or walking meditation or go jogging with Her through the woods.

You want to sit and spend time with Her?

Then sit your ass in silence on a Zafu, or park your butt in a pew (could there be a more fitting name) and cry out to her, or rest behind the wheel of your car as you belt out Lionel Richie songs until She melts at your feet (c’mon, he’s super sexy).

You can get down with Her, real hot and heavy on your yoga mat.

You can take a relaxing stroll with Her along the beach. Or take a dip with Her in your hot tub or meet Her at your next Shiatsu massage.

And make no mistake about it, She’s no prude.

You can make love to Her (or Him whichever you prefer) at midnight in the dunes of the Cape (should be a song and I promise, we’ll have the “Oh My God” talk, another day).


My friends, these are wonderfully, fabulously, awesomely exciting times to be a spiritual seeker. Synagogues and churches have never been more open to change. Zen centers have never been more packed. Yoga studios have never been more popular. And spiritual communities have never been more prevalent (check out The Soul’s Calling Facebook Group – shameless plug but She told me to do it).

Now, more than ever before, we need Spirit and we need spirituality. Yes, we have many struggles, battles and wars all around us. But the truth is, we’ve always had even more brutal battles within us. This is why we have always turned to God in the past, and how we have worked to find inner and outer peace within life. And this is what we need today.

Marching for inner peace.

Standing up for kindness to self.

Sit ins for internal compassion.

And if those old ways, rites and pathways get you there – keep with them. But if the ancient rituals don’t offer you direction and if the traditional settings don’t bring you connection – then get up, or sit down, or hit the trail or lay on the ground – just get out there, or go in there and make yourself known and get yourself some inner-peace, self-kindness and divine-compassion.


So grab your prayer book, or take hold of your hymnal, or kick off your shoes or throw on your LuLu’s. And mindfully walk, quietly sit, or thoughtfully stroll or wildly dance or ecstatically run to meet Her.

No more excuses or hangups or blaming religion.

Just make time for Her.

Get out there and find Her.

Cause She’s Always waiting for you. And truly, it’s not that hard. In fact, it’s quite easy –  Easy Like Sunday Morning (that should be a song as well)!

Namastei – Shalom – Peace

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