I love my sons, but there’s a small part of me that always wanted a daughter. I really don’t care about “The Floor Is Lava” or Batman or Super Smash Bros., and picking out clothes for them stopped being fun around the time they began refusing to wear pants with buttons, or, horrors, jeans (also known as the dreaded “scratchy pants”).

However, I’m currently in the market for bat mitzvah gifts for a few budding teen pals! I am excited, and I’ve been doing extensive research. I’m pretty set on jewelry of some kind, and I’ve landed on five favorite shops. I’d love your thoughts (and ideas on local, independent jewelers, too!).

Winter Hill Jewelry

Lightening Bolt Earrings
(Photo: Winter Hill Jewelry)

This is the perfect choice for the fashion-forward teen. Their 3-D printed, angular earrings make a statement (I have the triangle ones in gold and aqua). The price is right, too.

Rebekah Brooks

Snake Necklace
(Photo: Rebekah Brooks)

OK, some of this stuff is expensive! But: If you have a teensy bit more to spend, check out her shimmery snake necklace, which is subtle yet sassy in an exotic Art Deco way. Branches in Cambridge and Beacon Hill.

Kolbo Fine Judaica Gallery

Name necklace
(Photo: Kolbo Fine Judaica Gallery)

If you’re going the more traditional route, it’s hard to beat Kolbo in Coolidge Corner for Judaica. Their collection is extensive, and their sterling silver Hebrew name necklaces ($60 and up) are the perfect personalized gift.

Amy Casher Designs

Amy Casher Designs
(Photo: Amy Casher Designs)

For something bespoke and thoroughly original, check out South End jeweler Amy Casher’s bold, industrial-style earrings, necklaces and rings that evoke birds, flowers and nature. Ideal for the teen unafraid to stand out.

December Thieves

Opal Lone Eye Signet Ring
(Photo: December Thieves)

Cheeky and stylish, December Thieves mixes subtle with sass: Think “follow your dreams” talisman necklaces, star rings and moonstone starburst studs. Dreamy and demure, at a variety of price points.