Freedom… is more than a word. More than a priviledge. And more than a right.

Freedom is not concrete. You cannot own it. Freedom is not of a physical capacity; but rather is a sensibility. A feeling. An emotionally charged awareness of what should be. It is sought after and it is defended as if it were a human being. Many have died over freedom. Many continue to die everyday because of freedom. But what is freedom exactly? Many have been imprisoned and yet, those who have been imprisoned are actually free. No one can really take your freedom away, but you can allow that freedom to go wayside. Freedom is part of your very being. Your soul. It is that sensibility that no matter who denies freedom to you, that it in reality will never really be taken from you. You see, freedom is a gift. An unforeseen gift. A gift to be safeguarded but not safeguarded the way you would expect. Not with guns. Not with violence. But rather, safeguarded by your soul. By your inner strength. By your tenacity in life. One can simply stand up for their freedom with nothing more than the clothes on their back. For even those who are killed for standing in the midst of their freedom are free.

Freedom is often confused today with a person’s right. Freedom is defended as such as well. And yet, it is simple actually to defend one’s freedom. By simply standing up and letting your freedom shine for all people to see.

copyright 2011 Kathysue Dorey

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