The horrifying massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL, is not an isolated event; it is part of a campaign. The Jihad against the infidels within the continental U.S. has been underway for some time now. We should not be misled into thinking that this attack was aimed specifically against homosexuals; it was made against the Western culture and the Western civilization.

The December 2015 San Bernardino massacre, where 14 people were murdered, was the worst act of terror on U.S. soil since 9/11, until the Orlando massacre. Like Sunday night’s bloodbath, the perpetrators were extremists and inspired by foreign terrorist groups. Now, just over six months after that tragic event in San Bernardino, the Orlando nightmare dwarfs that tragedy, with its 49 fatalities and 53 wounded.

As disturbing as it is that such tragedies are happening, we should not be surprised at their occurrence. Since its inception, the Obama administration has admitted numerous Islamic fundamentalists into the U.S. and has helped them settle freely and without scrutiny.

Besides the threat that these terrorists pose, this also creates a social climate conducive to the emergence of “homegrown” terrorists such as the zealots from Orlando and San Bernardino. The FBI will not be able to track down and arrest all the extremists before they act. When the atmosphere is lenient and tolerant toward fundamentalists, they can spread their venom of hatred freely, and as their numbers grow, so will their ruthlessness. America should brace itself for even tougher times ahead.

And as it has been since the Jews were exiled from their land, in tough times they are the first to take the heat. U.S. Jewry will be no exception.

What is also typical of Jews, especially in the Western world, is that they seem so eager to fit in that they welcome their haters with open arms. Just as there were Jews who supported, and even spied for Hitler during World War II, just as Jews are typically supportive of the Labour Party in the U.K., whose deeply rooted anti-Semitism has recently been exposed, so are many of them supportive of the administration’s indiscriminate admission of all Muslims, knowing full well that this allows for terrorists and extremists to come in through the front door, purchase arms and commit atrocities. And when a fellow Jew tries to warn them, they call him a bigot and denounce him as backward.

Historically, this approach has never helped the Jews. The strength of the Jews lies in their unity, not in their servility.

The authentic type of Jewish unity, the one nurtured by our forefathers, was different from that of any other nation. Our obligation is to reinstate it and share it.

It is not the new-age type of unity, where everyone smiles at each other and exchanges pleasantries, while underneath the rot keeps festering until it bursts. It is unity that acknowledges the vileness of our nature and strives to rise and unite above it.

The Jewish contribution to the world, and the one thing that can save us from taking the heat once more, should be our implementation and subsequent sharing of the ability to form this special type of solidarity and cohesion.

In unity, the ancient Jews found a power source that helped them balance their self-centeredness and sustain their ancient society for centuries. Today our self-centeredness has become pathological narcissism and our society is falling apart. In such an atmosphere, various types of fringe interpretations of religions and ideologies thrive and prosper, and eventually disintegrate society. The only antidote is that special unity that unleashes that power.

As our world is becoming increasingly intermingled, this old-but-new form of unity is becoming increasingly required. Without it, there is no hope for the American society or for the European society, and as always, all that anger will turn against the Jews.

Our choice to unite will determine not only our fate, but also the fate of the world, as it quickly skids into disorder and collapse.

If we want the ellipses in the title of this article to be substituted with the word “peace,” we the Jews must make peace among ourselves by leaving our burning egos and rising above them so as to share our unity with the world. If we fail to do this, the ellipses will be replaced with the name of a place where yet another tragedy has happened.

By Dr. Michael Laitman
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