After immersing in the mikveh, taking a tour, or participating in an education program, guests often let us know how they feel about their experience in the mikveh. They write beautiful, sad, funny comments about what brought them to the mikveh and what they took away from their time with the water. There are so many different kinds of people that come to Mayyim Hayyim for as many different reasons.

Here are a few that really sum it up:

“it has taken me 74 1/2 years to take myself to the mikvah. At last, here at Mayyim Hayyim, I have found the perfect place to immerse myself in the blessed water and emerge refreshed and anew. Time is merely a constraint so events can be ordered historically. Today, now, I am “reborn,” as it were, and I welcome whatever comes my way with a purified heart and neshama. Thank all of you for making my latest transition possible.”

“After I left the mikveh, I felt a physical jolt- a true birth into the Jewish religion.”

“I came for my pre-bridal immersion and held a brunch for eighteen women friends. I cried before my immersion, and was laughing by the time they surprised me by singing to the kallah (bride). This experience has helped me separate my past from my future.”

“Thanks for purifying me! I feel wicked clean. It’s all really pretty here, and the water felt really really good!”

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