Game of the Month: Mad Libs!Mad Libs, a favorite with early elementary students, provides a way for students (and adults) to easily author wacky stories that are sure to get a lot of laughs. The directions are simple. Students are asked to choose words fitting a particular part of speech or a particular category, and plug in those words to an as-yet-unseen story. The more outrageous answers, the better, since who doesn’t like to hear a story about a butterfly who painted around the toy store?

Mad Libs help students work on vocabulary, practice parts of speech, and build awareness around comprehension. Understanding how a sentence can make sense, while simultaneously being absurd, is an important step towards mastery of writing. There are countless books and websites full of Mad Libs, for both online and offline use, on any subject imaginable, including this official site. You or your student can even make your own by writing a paragraph and replacing a few words from each sentence with a blank line and a note indicating the proper part of speech.

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*Always check with a student’s teacher before providing new materials to ensure it supports their goals.

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