Last week a friend posted a newly coined Yiddish word that’s making the rounds on social media: “oysgezoomt.” Translation: Over-exposed to, fatigued by, exhausted from, bored by, had it with Zoom.

As in, “Ich bin oysgezoomt” (I’m so done with Zoom).

While I can totally relate, it’s fair to say that few of us are really done with Zoom. This platform is here to stay for most of us, and it has admittedly played a critical role in keeping us connected to local friends and family, as well as to our global networks. At the outset of our coronavirus quarantine, most of us were totally taken with Zoom—it was an amazing new tool that propelled many of us die-hard technophobes into Disney’s futuristic Tomorrowland.

But the shine has worn off a bit as our physical distancing and reliance on technology is wearing thin.

I still love/hate Zoom, but just wanted to add my own Yiddish-inspired shtick to the mix, with due credit to my favorite new term “oysgezoomt.”

Genug Shoyn Mit Zoom

I’m still in my room
I see lots of faces
From very cool places
It’s been such a boon
But enough with the Zoom!

Enough with the Zoom
I hope to resume
Lots of hugging and kisses
And deli and knishes
And seeing my friends
Will Zoom ever end?

Will Zoom ever end?
Will relationships mend?
Will I travel to places
Encounter new faces
Not just virtually
But in reality.

And in reality
I’ll feel very free
To sing, dance and shop
To skip, jump and hop
To swim and to ski
To feel really me
To resume….

Genug shoyn mit Zoom.

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