I understand that what I am about to say may sound crazy, but here goes: New advances in home automation technologies can help you keep Shabbat. Because of the importance of the Sabbath and other festivals, it is imperative that all preparations and other normal-day activities be complete by the beginning of sunset, which includes getting your home in order for the Sabbath. This is where home automation technologies from Certified Connection can come in.

As we all know, the exact times of the beginning and ending of the Sabbath differ from week to week and from place to place; home automation technologies can help you to keep to the appropriate Shabbat times. With a home automation technologies, including lighting control systems, climate control systems, home entertainment systems, home networking, and phone systems, you can set your home electronic systems to shut down before sunset on the Sabbath, and mark the time after the end of the Sabbath so that your home electronic systems resume normal functions.

For example, with lighting control systems, you can time the lights to turn off in accordance with the Sabbath. You can schedule when the shades open and close and set climate control systems to activate when you want them to. You can set the phone systems to shut down during the appropriate times. And you can make sure that your children honor the Sabbath by controlling their usage of home and entertainment systems, like computers, TVs, and sound systems, in their rooms.

In addition to all of the functionality and control provided by home control systems, with Certified Connection’s expert programming, you can access and manage all of these systems from an easy-to-use single control panel from Control4. By seamlessly tying together and integrating your home music, home theater, lighting, security, climate, communications, Internet access, and more, a home control system can make all your advanced home technology practical and useful, and kept under control.

If you’re interested in learning more about how home automation can help you keep Shabbat in the modern age, please contact Certified Connection at (617) 320-6930 or eytan@certifiedconnection.com.

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