(Photo: Alek_Koltukov/iStock, modified by Miriam Anzovin)

Hanukkah Matching Game for Kids

Just download, print, cut and play!

Enhance your family celebration with this downloadable memory game for kids.

Teach kids about the Hanukkah symbols with this colorful and fun memory matching game. Print the free PDF (consider thicker card stock for more durability) and cut out the symbols along the dotted lines. Arrange the pictures face-down on a flat surface. Then have kids flip over two pictures at a time to try and find their match (or take turns). Continue until all the pictures have been matched.

To increase the difficulty for older kids, try using a timer to see how fast they can match the pictures, or ditch the square grid and arrange them in a different shape (like concentric circles) or leave them scattered.

Download our matching game

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