As many of you know, 2018 marks a very important milestone birthday for Israel. Yes, that’s right, I am talking about the birthday of my personal lord and savior Gal Gadot, who turns 33 on April 30!

In addition to being the ONLY redeeming aspect of the DCU films (don’t @me, Snyder fans) with her fantastic portrayal of Wonder Woman, Gal is an all-around magnificent magical unicorn. Here are some of my top highlights of the last year in Gal to recognize her achievements in existing.

Gal and “Conan”

In the lead-up to the release of “Wonder Woman” last year, Gal did a number of obscenely charming TV promotional appearances. The best of these, IMHO, was her video with Conan O’Brien, where she showed him her intense superhero workouts to prep for the film. Come for the hilarious banter and roundhouse kicks, stay for Gal leading Conan and her trainer in an impromptu Hava Nagila line dance.

An Incredible Impression of Gal Gadot by Kate Mckinnon

We all know Kate is the reigning queen of “SNL,” but after sharing the stage with “SNL” host Gal in late 2017, Kate went on “The Tonight Show” to describe the experience as being like “a Midwestern toad next to this Mediterranean goddess…everything she said was, like, a prophecy.” Kate goes on to deliver a smashing Gal impression with an Israeli accent more natural than whatever the dialect coach tried and failed to achieve for the Amazons in “Wonder Woman.”

The Gal Next Door

This phenomenal GQ article in which lucky, lucky interviewer Caity Weaver spends a delightful day at the Tel Aviv beach with Gal is an absolute joy to read. While chock full of great little tidbits about Gal’s daily life in Israel (which include Weaver going on quests to buy laundry detergent with Gal), the interview also includes this telling observation about Gal and the nature of extreme fame: “The truth is that Gadot is not just alert but hyper-alert. Her relaxed, casual manner belies a sharp awareness of strangers’ proximity in public. Often during conversation, Gadot’s head whips quickly around, seeking out the source of intruding sounds or movement.” This is immensely relatable for me, as this is also a profile of my behavior—despite my not being Gal Gadot. I’m not paranoid! I’m just…prepared.

Gal Takes a Stand Against Sexual Harassment

Warner Brothers recently severed ties to producer/director/vile/gross toenail Brett Ratner after multiple sexual misconduct accusations were leveled against him. What does this have to do with Gal, you ask? Irony of ironies, Ratner’s production company was set to co-produce “Wonder Woman 2.” Gal was vehement in demanding Ratner be removed from involvement, with some reports indicating she would refuse to return for the film if he remained connected to the movie in any way. Bye, Felicia!

Gal Makes the “Time 100” List

Gal was just named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2018! The list recognizes powerhouse figures who shape arts, politics, business, technology, sports and more. As Gal is shaping my entire life, it totally makes sense that she was included. Here’s the short but beautiful tribute to Gal written by OG Wonder Woman Lynda Carter.

Gal Pays Tribute to Her Late Grandfather on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Gal shared this moving post on Instagram on Holocaust Remembrance Day 2018, featuring a brief video of her with her late grandfather, who lost his entire family in Auschwitz. Gal may have achieved incredible fame and fortune, but she always remembers her heritage and the experience of the Jewish people. Be still, my heart!

One last thing! As a birthday gift to Gal, check out this supercut video of the correct way to pronounce her name and make sure you are doin’ it right! We owe her that, after all she has given us!

Yom huledit sameach, Gal!