Every parent wants their child to grow into a successful adult. There is a tendency in today’s society to believe that if they’re successful, they’ll be happy. But did you know that happiness leads to success rather than the other way around?

Shawn Achor, Harvard researcher and author of “Before Happiness” and “The Happiness Advantage,” says that adults can increase the likelihood of raising successful kids by focusing on creating a positive environment for them.

His book, “The Happiness Advantage,” shares seven principles of positivity that lead to success. One of the principles discusses the importance of social interaction. We created our day travel program for Jewish teens to interact with new friends while learning more about who they really are. Creating positive experiences for teens by providing them with unforgettable safe and enjoyable experiences this summer has always been our goal! We’re happy to share more about our programs below.

Summer Teen Adventures encourages connection and social support within our groups.

Our day trips create shared experiences that form a close community. Friendships begin organically when teens bond, feel heard and supported. Their self-worth and self-confidence begin to strengthen and their personalities blossom.

Teens get out of their comfort zones in a healthy way.

Trying something new can be stressful for teens. Our staff at Summer Teen Adventures is trained to encourage teens to recognize these emotions as a part of growing and a way to challenge themselves with new experiences. They strengthen their leadership skills by having opportunities to share their creativity and flexibility as they problem-solve together on different day trips.

Every day is something new.

We choose our day travel adventures to keep teens focused on the present moments they share. Every day brings something new and different; there will be no repeated adventures! Whether they’re solving problems to get out of an escape room or getting the right footing on a ropes course, they’re developing leadership skills and gaining confidence.

Helping others makes everyone feel connected.

Feeling a sense of purpose is essential in healthy development for teens. We work with local organizations to give the teens a chance to give back. They are not only able to fulfill their required community service hours, but they also get to experience how it feels to contribute to something bigger than themselves.

Working with nonprofit organizations gives teens a first-hand encounter with the ways in which one person can make an impact in the lives of others.

Thursday evenings are for relaxing, processing and sharing.

During our “chill” time on Thursday evenings, teens have the opportunity to process and share their insight on the week’s adventures. Together, they will hone their communication and leadership skills by participating in special group activities. Enjoying a casual dinner and some social time rounds out the week and leaves teens with a “can’t wait to see you on Monday” attitude!

We focus on fun!

At Summer Teen Adventures, it’s time to put down the phones, enjoy the fresh air and have a great time with new friends. Teens enjoy themselves in a group setting for 16 days over four weeks. They’ll learn about new places in and around Greater Boston, gain a new perspective on their “backyard” with some history sprinkled in, participate in community service and just have fun with new friends!

Happiness and optimism fuel performance and achievement. “Cultivating positive brains makes us more motivated, efficient, resilient, creative, and productive, which drives performance,” Achor says. We pride ourselves on creating the environment that contributes to the overall well-being of teens in our area, as well as starting them with confidence on the road to their future success.

We have limited spots available, and this is by design. Smaller groups help us to get to know each teen on a deeper level. To take the first steps toward a great summer for your teen, click here to enroll!

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