I might not be the most religous person, but there is one thing about being Jewish I love and that is the family traditions we share together.  

Growing up, Passover was one of those times.  

Both sets of Grandparents would come to the house, Mom would cook all day and when Dad got home from work the Seder would start.  When I was little the Seder took FOREVER, but as I got older I understood why.  We had to wash our hands, hide the Afikoman, announce the plagues and dip our fingers in the wine to having Elijah come in. Those are the things I remember and what I equate to my Judaism.  

So when I was reading Boston.com the other day and came across this article I just had to do something. So I am asking all of you, if this article touches you as much as it touched me, make a call and donate a basket… it means a lot to keep the traditions going!!!




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