Many might admit it or not, communication between a parent and a kid is not always smooth sailing. Problems arise every now and then plus the fact that kids nowadays are really fond with modern technology that having becomes a hindrance in having a good parent-kid relationship. It is certainly very difficult to establish a good relation when a kid is used to seeing both their parents too busy at work that they cannot even spend some time with them.

Every child at their early age does need enough attention from their parents no matter what. Most especially when they got into their adolescent years in which parents must always be there since this is the stage when their child are dealing with a lot of changes and that thorough attention is really needed in order to them to keep in the right path. Communication is one of the very factors that parents and kid should work on. When the kids reached their adolescent years communication is something that should be done in a two-way process, just like the saying it takes two to tango to have a better communication with each other.

There are some tips that every parent should do to have that better communication with their kids.

1. Always Make Time for Your Children – this can be really difficult for their workaholic parents, but if you want to really be updated on the whereabouts of your kid sacrificing some of your time is not a big loss. Remember that even you sacrifice something you'll gain a priceless time with your children.

2. Keep In Mind The Importance of Listening – listening might be an easy term but hard to keep it's real essence. This is just one of the thing every parent should learn the most because during their busy schedule, they don't have any time at all to listen to the problems that their kids are going through. Listening is a two-way strategy parent and kid should practice to listen first before exchanging some insight. This way the communication is better and lessen the chances that it will turn into a misunderstanding.

3. Know How To Respond To Specific Situation – as a parent, it is better that you show kids how you discipline in a way that they will understand. When they made some mistakes and needed to be disciplined, you have to put strong feature for them to realize the mistake that have committed. Resist arguing about who is right. Instead say, "I know you disagree with me, but this is what I think."

4. Always Be A Role Model – it is expected that your child will look up to you no matter what. That is why as a parent, you have to work hard to be a good one for it will stay with the. Just like when talking to them you have to maintain specific range of voice as well as words that are appealing and not words that will get them into trouble someday. Being a parent and working on a good communication with your kid is not an easy task, but it is definitely worth a try after all.

5. Always Show Empathy At All Time – kids will forever be kids even if they grow old, they still need some empathy from their parents in ways. That is why showing them that you care and understand they should always be consistent. It can be normal that you scold them when they are wrong, but still remember to be consistent when it comes to your action.

At the end of the day when a parent was able to establish a good communication with their kids and vice-versa it will not be that hard to talk about a lot of issues. When kids are pampered with all the love and understanding from their parents, there is no way that they might end into some unfortunate situation. Sometimes enough communication can actually boost confidence for the kids since they can be sure that whatever happen their parents will still stand on their side.

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