We’re midway through the holiday of Sukkot, probably the most physical of the Jewish holidays, and definitely up there on the list of odd customs. Build a hut? What? Why? Shake some plants and a funky lemon? Huh?

We’ve created two videos to introduce you to the rituals of Sukkot – take a look, and let us know what you think.

First up, What’s a Sukkah? For the holiday of Sukkot, a temporary shelter or hut known as a “sukkah” is built. In this short video, a look at the construction of a sukkah, an overview of how to build one and a glimpse of completed sukkahs:

Then there’s Shake It For Sukkot. Sukkot features the interesting ritual of shaking a lulav and etrog. Wondering what a lulav or etrog is? Wondering what the shaking is all about? Watch this video to find out what these items are, what the shaking is all about and how to perform this unique commandment.

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