HUMANITY = Violence + Mass Killings

So many people think there is a simple solution to the violence of mass killings – to remove firearms. And yet, some mass killings involved homemade bombs while others, knives. However, most seem to forget that ALL mass killings involved this commonality – HUMANITY.

Still, so many people focus on the venue of firearms as the cause of violence. When in reality, the construct of violence is founded and imbedded in the one commonality that all mass killings share – HUMANITY.

 Humanity is us – you and me.

You are a complex construct and so am I – we each are uniquely diverse and complex in our mindset, behaviors and cognitive and emotional intelligences; yet we also share commonalities. To understand the construct of violence, we should study our selves and why violence permeates our very souls. We consummate, practice and give life to violence every day. We breathe violence like we breathe air.

“How to identify a violent tendency 
in an individual?”

This is a very difficult challenge with many sub-challenges that in turn, require many targeted solutions and sub-solutions. Solutions perhaps based on a norm group population; yet solutions that also extend beyond the obvious, dig deeper and reach toward a more scientifically disciplined, individualized approach.

I’ve been a strong voice and supporter of taking a more individualized approach to battling violence for several years now. Most people however, don’t have the stomach, patience or time to research this domain. I think that’s why so many people think there exists a simple solution to stop the mass killings; of course, they are wrong, as there is never a quick solution to something as complex as a violent tendency within our selves.

I came across this article today and thought I would pass it along as it supports the notion that perhaps, it’s not about the quick solution; rather it is about better understanding ‘us’ and our scientific selves.

This articles explains the complexity and questions involved in violence in an easy-to-understand way. And I would challenge my friends and colleagues to read it with open-mind realistic objectivity. Violence began with us not paying attention and now we need to hold ourselves accountable to its cause, effect and solution.

We as humanity have a very long road ahead of us… a road worth the journey in our efforts toward self-preservation.

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