• This is my first experience with adult Jewish learning and I couldn’t be more inspired and happy with how the material is presented, how the discussions are handled, and my decision to be here.
  • The program has created a place for me to think through critical things that get lost in the day to day. It has opened conversations between my spouse and me and has given me access to ideas and texts I hope to pursue long after the class ends.
  • I now remember to celebrate my children in the morning, hug my partner at night.
  • Our instructor brings to each session incredible depth of knowledge, broad-minded perspectives, thoughtfulness and experience as a parent.
  • Parenting Through a Jewish Lens has inspired careful consideration of how to teach my children. I am now better able to pass along tools that will help them face the challenges of life.
  • Being new to Jewish culture and tradition I found this class to be very helpful and informative. This is a wonderful way to spend time with my spouse, thinking and discussing big ideas that are related to Judaism and parenting.
  • I love the carefully selected texts, all of which are thoughtful and relevant. I feel a renewed interest in adult Jewish learning and am thinking about what the next steps for me will be.
  • This excellent class addresses my concerns as a person and then helps me reflect on my role as a parent. It provides opportunities to reflect on parenting challenges, successes, and strategies through Jewish texts that speak directly to our issues and experiences. It is great to meet others thinking about the same issues.
  • My role as a parent belongs within spheres of relationships, both inward and outward. Parenting Through a Jewish Lens has given me this sense of context and has given me a special opportunity to take a step back and think about parenting and meaning in life more generally.
  • The program has given me perspective. I now understand how to let my children be themselves rather than who I want them to be.

Online registration is now open. Secure your spot for the fall of 2012 in the program that everyone is talking about. Locations throughout greater Boston. For more information and to register visit http://hebrewcollege.edu/parenting.html


created at: 2012-03-15


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