The dog days of summer are here.  Here in the Bay State, it’s been hard to avoid the debate raging on Beacon Hill about slots and “racinos,” the faux-outrage about John Kerry’s yacht-gate scandal, and the banter on the news about the humidity index.  128 has been free and clear up in my area, even during the usual high-volume times, and everyone is cherishing the last two weeks before the end of summer presents itself on the horizon.

Perhaps it would be surprising to hear that rockets fired by terrorists in Gaza and in Sinai landed this week near Ashekelon and Eilat.  Not that I am a 24-7 news cycle addict, but I do read a bit and I didn’t hear a peep about either incident over the weekend or this week.  Granted, there were no fatalities, but one would think that rocket attacks in Eilat (and some landed in Aqaba, Jordan, as well) would warrant some coverage.  Even barely found it worth mentioning; this morning there are articles on the Palestinians, a potential Israeli strike on Iran, and peace negotiations, but nothing about rockets being fired into Israel.

Rockets from Gaza are nothing new.  Israel has been down that road before, and we can hold out hope that it was not a precursor of renewed attacks.  But rockets from Sinai, targeting Eilat and Aqaba, that’s new.  Eilat tends to be ignored by terrorists, with some exceptions, so let’s hope this is a flash in the pan. 


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