created at: 2011-09-23

Anyone who has known me for more than 10 minutes can attest that it was really just a matter of time before I couldn’t suppress my urge to combine two of my favorite things in life, rugby and judaism, into one. I am proud to announce that the planning and development for Boston’s first jewish rugby team – the Boston Maccabi Rugby Club – is now well underway, and now we need YOU! Sign up now to get involved by emailing today!

So first, why a jewish rugby team, you may ask? For starters, Jewish team sports is nothing new to the United States or the world for that matter. Countries from across the world compete every four years in the Maccabi games in Israel, including, of course, the USA Maccabi Rugby Team. These competitions do more than just provide an opportunity to stay in shape, but also build community. The long term vision for the Boston Maccabi Rugby Club is to be more than just a winning team, but to also have an impact through community service in Boston’s Jewish Community and the community at large, while taking pride in our heritage and culture both on and off the field.

So I come to you with hat in hand seeking athletes. Jewish ones (or ones that at the very least like jews – we will not be exclusive!) that would want to join this team and turn this into something real. And yes, this is a men’s rugby club, but I encourage any women interested in doing so to plant the seeds to create our sister team!


Rugby is a tough but incredibly rewarding game. The best thing about a rugby team is that there is a position for folks of every shape and size, which is great for the jewish people who indeed come in many different shapes and sizes. With a bit of fitness, anyone can play. Many rugby players are former football players, soccer players, wrestlers, lax players, and other contact sports – but that is by no means required. More importantly, experience playing rugby is absolutely NOT required to be on this team. We have a core group of experienced players ready to go who will teach anyone who wants to learn.  The time commitment is TBD, as we develop into a more serious outfit, we do expect to hold regular practices and games, but we realize that working professionals have other commitments too, so we’ll do what we need to do to make it work. We have now begun holding practices, so email us for more info on time and location.

Looking forward to seeing each one of you out there with a hamentaschen and a warm cup of Manischevitz for our first game. If you are interested, or have a friend who is interested, tell them to contact me at



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