The left and the right will not compromise. They cannot, since human self-centeredness is ever growing and people are becoming increasingly obstinate and intolerant. We cannot help it; nature is developing our egoism just as it develops every plant and animal. The only thing we can do is direct our egos toward positive causes or negative ones. If we choose the former, humanity will rise to new heights in every aspect of life. If we choose the latter, we will find ourselves embroiled in World War III.

Because nature makes our egos more intense, we are bound to become even more divided than we already are. Moreover, as we see in America, it splits us into two halves that are nearly identical in size. And since nature also makes us increasingly obstinate, it leaves us with two choices: fight to the death, or transcend our disputes and find unity above them.

To choose the latter option and save ourselves from destruction, we must make unity the single most important value in our lives. It need not conflict with any of our current values, such as devotion to God, caring about the environment, campaigning for women’s rights, for patriotism or for any value that we currently hold dear. Unity should be on a level all to itself, and it should mean that we may disagree on everything, but at the end of the day, we are one nation.

Within that nation you have every faith, race, color, gender, political agenda and anything else you might think of. But as it should be in a vibrant democracy, the diversity makes each faction shine even brighter. Without diversity, we wouldn’t be able to think, judge, learn and grow as individuals. We would be robots whose perspectives are installed in them at childhood and we would never develop from there.

But life is development and change! Life is birth and death, day and night, ebb and flow, storm and calm. Life is myriad opposites intertwined in one another to create countless colors and shades, and maintain everlasting harmony and balance. Those who wish to destroy diversity wish to destroy life.

We cannot have common ground, nor should we, because that would be the end of our existence as human beings. Only when we take those who think the opposite of us and build with them a canopy of unity above our differences will we discover why we are apart: because it takes two sides to build a bridge.

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