On a warm July evening in 2015, an event series was born. Sure, it went by a different name—Throwback Thursday—but the structure was the same: a fun, relaxed event where young adults could mix minds, and perhaps a cocktail, while learning about the work that CJP does throughout our hometown community and around the world.

Since then, Throwback Thursday has not only transformed into Jewgooders, but it has also turned into a shining star of the young adult Jewish community these past few years. The success of the series has exceeded our expectations, and we are so very proud of what it has become.

Throughout our tenure as Chief Jewgooders, we have been steadfast in keeping the integrity of the series—at its core, Jewgooders is a low-barrier event with a focus on catering to first-timers and repeat-attendees alike. It’s a fun bar night with a different CJP organization or cause highlighted each time.

Then, in early summer 2017, a tragic fire destroyed the Brookline-based Moishe Kavod House just days before a planned Jewgooders event. Without hesitation, we adjusted course. There was no question where the funds collected that night would go: directly toward those affected by the fire.

It seems a bit selfish to reflect back on this event in anything but a somber light. However, as we know, sometimes the darkest moments can quickly lead to the brightest ones. The night turned out to be one of our most successful events to date. Not only was it one of our best-attended events, we also raised critical funds and awareness for the Moishe Kavod House during their time of need. The night served to solidify the community and crystalized our conviction that even a low-priced, low-barrier event can make a high-level impact.

Unfortunately, yet somewhat fittingly, our community at large is now facing another crisis. That’s why, at our next night out—July 26 at White Horse Tavern—we are taking similar action to raise funds for CJP’s recently launched Fund to Aid Children and End Separation (FACES), a campaign initiated as a response to the current immigration crisis. The money we raise for FACES that night will be distributed to three organizations helping to support and reunite immigrant families at our Southern border. We hope it will be another shining example of how the small actions and contributions of many can indeed have a large impact.


Over the years, it has been our pleasure to watch Jewgooders develop, while maintaining its mission. We’ve loved seeing familiar faces come back for each event, because it lets us know they’re enjoying the series enough to return. Equally as exciting? Seeing an increasingly large number of new faces in the crowd. For us, it speaks to the welcoming nature of the night and the growing reputation Jewgooders holds.

Now, as we formally pass the reigns that we’ve been holding onto so tightly, we simply have to gush about a small point of pride—from our little $18 event series-turned-passion project, we know of at least three couples and one marriage that started with Jewgooders.

But fear not, fellow Jewgooders; under the guise of Jess Webb and Andy Benn, you can bet that the best of Jewgooders is yet to come.