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Jewish Holiday Guide 5781 (2020/2021)

Our cheat sheet for describing all the Jewish holidays and when they are. Yes, even that one. And that other one, too.

Festivals, holidays, fast days, days of celebration and days of mourning. You name it, the Jewish calendar has it!

You may have heard of “Hangry Jewish Guilt Day” (Yom Kippur) and “Religious Fundamentalism vs. Assimilation Fried Food Festival” (Hanukkah, obviously), but what about “The Jewish Red Wedding”? Do you know when “Camping in Huts of Dubious Structural Integrity While Surrounded by Bees Week” falls this year? Wait, since when are there two Passovers?!

Never fear! With JewishBoston’s handy guide to the Jewish holidays of 5781 (2020/2021), you’ll always know when the holidays are, and just maybe discover a new favorite.

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Jewish Holiday Guide 5781 (2020:2021)