The moment fans have waited for has finally arrived: Cheryl-Anns’ of Brookline reopened on Friday, March 15, at 7 a.m. after a three-plus-year closure. In December 2021, the Brookline space was ravaged by a fire, and owner Cheryl Moore has been rebuilding since.

There is a silver lining, though.

“Now, everything is brand-new: floor, ceilings, electrical, plumbing, ovens and cases,” she says.

(Courtesy: Cheryl Anns’)

Moore says that she retained her staff through the hiatus and that customers have remained in close touch, checking in regularly to track the reopening. Prepare for lines out the door. The kosher, pareve bakery has been a mainstay in the Jewish community since 1985, founded by Moore and her sister, Ann.

“Our customers have been great. They gave us encouragement. And we kept our staff, because we love them and they’ve been working for us for years,” she says.

(Courtesy: Cheryl Anns’)

Moore grew up in the bakery biz; her family ran Dorothy Lou’s bakery in Brockton. She’ll be back to doing what she loves daily: Thursday through Saturday from 7 a.m. and Sunday through Wednesday from 8 a.m.

Her kosher, pareve menu stays the same as ever: braided and round challah, turnovers, bubkie and—just in time for Purim—hamantaschen in cherry, apricot, prune, poppy, blueberry, lemon, apple, raspberry and chocolate.

“But the bestseller is challah, because we use so many eggs,” she says.