As the touchstones of our lives have slowly (temporarily!) faded away and one day blends into the next, fantasy has taken over and anticipation is sustenance. When restrictions lift and it’s safe to frolic again, where will you go? What will you do with your kids? What do you miss the most about our city?

Here’s what you said.

“I’d go to Gaslight for rosé and truffle fries.”

“I’m taking my son to the zoo and going to Mistral for a steak and lime-basil gimlet with girlfriends.”

Samba for hibachi.”

“Portland, Maine, with my sisters and kids.”

Wright-Locke Farm Family Night.”

“Drinks and dinner at The Hourly, followed by buzzed browsing/book-buying at Harvard Book Store. And then the late set at Regattabar.”

“I would love to do what I was going to do in late March before this all went down: a weekend trip to the Stowe/Waterbury, Vermont, area, hit a bunch of breweries, restaurants and pubs, do a bit of hiking and definitely hit Worthy Burger/Worthy Kitchen on the way up and back.”

“The library. If it’s really all over, I’m first in line.”

Joe Fish on a Friday night for wine and dinner at the bar. Or Woodman’s for lobster!”

I just want to cook for all my friends.”

“Send my kids to school. That’s all.”

“A mocktail and burger at Eastern Standard.”

“A playground. Any playground.”

Three-way tie: Going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house (they haven’t met my 3-week-old baby yet), swimming anywhere and dancing to my husband’s band at Plough and Stars.”

“When this first started, I really missed going out to dinner and/or just sitting at the bar having drinks. I miss Nico at The Wellington in Belmont.”

“The MFA.”

“My kids have been asking for Zaftigs! So that’ll be top on our list.”

Palace Playland at Old Orchard Beach.”

“We’re going to go to Clover at the Harvard Science Center and go to the awesome playground on Cambridge Common. Then, the day after, we’ll go to Milk Street Cafe and the Frog Pond.”

“The doctor’s office for a vaccine.”