I’ve been thinking a lot about becoming a grandmother this week, which is odd, since my kids are under five and I’m not quite forty.  What’s sparked these thoughts? Well, I just found out that my youngest daughter’s birth mom is six months pregnant with her second child, whom she will parent. I still think of my youngest’s birth mom as a kid, perhaps because her birth mom is my age (which makes me old enough to be my youngest’s grandmother, thank you very much!), or perhaps because when I was her age, I still felt like a kid. Truthfully, I’m not quite sure how to think about this new addition to our lives yet.

How will this new baby fit into our family dynamics?  The baby will be my youngest’s half-birth sibling; will he/she also be my oldest’s half-birth sister or brother?  Hypothetically speaking; if my sister has a sister, that sister is also my sister, right? Wrong? Does it matter? My oldest has a teenaged half-birth brother, who we refer to as her brother.  But when my youngest is speaking of him, she calls him by his first name, rather than referring to him as her brother.

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created at: 2011-01-26


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