Adoption Choices, our non-profit, licensed adoption program, has launched a blog on

The blog is a forum for Adoption Choices parents to share stories about their parenting and adoption experiences. We have a rotating cast of four contributors, all Adoption Choices adopters, who contribute a new post on a weekly basis. Below is an excerpt from our first post. Below is an excerpt from our third blog post, dated 12/30.

“As a modern woman, I thought minivans were for old people, for those 40 plus moms who wear holsters with juice boxes and granola bars, and who live and breathe to chauffer their little ones to and from soccer, piano, and ballet lessons. Minivans were not for me. I drove a sensible, fuel-efficient, and safe car, that the kids fit in, but that didn’t have a single “My kids the student of the month” sticker on it, like every minivan I’d ever seen. Sure, I struggled to get the ever-loving car seats in and out of the car without gouging my shins, bumping my noggin, or swearing so loud that the neighbors took notice, but at least I was not one of those minivan moms. Then one day things changed and I began to see the light.”….Read More

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