created at: 2011-05-20By now you’ve already heard whispers of big things taking place at Prozdor.  We have two new administrative team members and some excellent new teachers, have been tweeting and Facebooking like crazy, and have also been putting the final touches on our course offerings for the fall.  For a school of our size, it is no small feat to organize all of the pieces required for the year to begin, but we are almost there. 

This fall we are proud to introduce Machon, our new learning track for those Prozdor students who are looking for more rigorous academic options.  Students who enroll in Machon classes will be expected to complete regular assignments outside of class and meet the demands of a more intensive learning experience.

We are beginning Machon this semester with five courses:

Chasing Truth: Modern Jewish Thought & You with Josh Krug (Philosophy)

Writing Our Confusion and Dreams: Creative Approaches to Midrash with Pam Greenberg (Literature)

Exile and Return with Dan Brosgol (Bible)

10th Grade intensive core only (Full Year) One People: Two Paths with Michal Weiner (Israel Studies)

Start Something: Build your own Venture from the Ground Up with Josh Bob (Social Justice)

Machon classes will receive a special designation on a student’s official Prozdor transcript that is sent to colleges.  Completion of any six Machon classes over the course of a student’s time at Prozdor will result in the awarding of a special certificate in advanced studies from Prozdor in addition to the standard diploma (for current 10th and 11th graders, we will adjust the required number of classes).

Admission into classes in our Machon track will be selective and all interested students must complete this online application.  The application deadline for Machon classes is Wednesday, August 31, 2011.  Notifications will be sent out by Sunday, September 4, to enable Prozdor’s priority registration to begin on Tuesday, September 6.

Machon is just the beginning of our efforts to bring our educational program into the future- we look forward to sharing more of that journey with you.

To read more about the Fall course offerings, click here for the course booklet.


Enrollment for Machon classes will be capped at fifteen students per class for Fall 2011.  Please contact Dan Brosgol, Director of Prozdor, at 617-559-8802 for more details.

Registration is still open for Fall 2011 and financial aid is still available.  Please call the Prozdor office at 617-559-8803 for more information.

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