created at: 2012-04-04

There are good ideas, and there are better ideas.

VHS was a good idea. DVDs are a better idea. Blu-ray, I’m told, is even better.

The Nokia 9000 was a good idea. So was the Motorola Star-Tac. The iPhone, though, was pure Blue Ocean.

We can draw a similar picture of adult Jewish learning.

When it comes to that particular niche, Me’ah was, and is, a great idea. Over the past eighteen years, thousands of adults in Greater Boston have participated in this ground-breaking initiative that engages learners in 100 hours of Jewish learning over two years. It has transformed congregations and communities and opened the doors to other innovative programs like Parenting Through a Jewish Lens, Eser, and Parenting Your Teen Through a Jewish Lens.

But new ground is about to be broken again. Get ready.

Me’ah for Educators is on the way.

No matter how you are connected to the Jewish community, or how much Jewish education you received growing up or as an adult, you can always learn more. Even if you are a Jewish educator, there’s a lot to be gained from continuing to engage in serious Jewish learning on a regular basis. Me’ah for Educators, a new two-year program of adult learning for Jewish educators, is designed for you to do precisely that.  

Whether you teach math at a day school, Hebrew at a supplementary school, or Jewish holidays at a pre-school, you are playing a role in the narrative of the Jewish people.  This program is for any instructor who seeks a greater understanding of the historical contexts and significance of their role.  It is for teachers who love to learn. I am encouraging Prozdor’s teachers to enroll and hope to populate the cohort with a few of our outstanding instructors.

This program is about more than content, it is about the process of sharing meaningful study with peers who share your passions. It’s about committing to Jewish learning as a core principle. And it’s about recognizing that no matter what your background or experience, there’s always something new out there to learn and grapple with.

This is the beauty of Judaism. And this is the beauty of Me’ah for Educators.

I look forward to seeing you in the fall here at Hebrew College.


Teachers who complete the program will have earned three credits usable toward a Masters in Jewish Liberal Studies or Masters in Jewish Education at Hebrew College. For more information, please contact


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