JFS homecare workers provide in-home support to medically compromised older adults so they can live safely and with dignity in their homes in the community. Workers are certified to provide varying levels of support, including homemaking and personal care, and serve as part of the social safety net regularly monitoring the well-being of these frail clients, ensuring they have food in the refrigerator, necessary medications and access to health care. The JFS homecare program primarily provides service to clients through a contract with the local area’s Aging Services Access Point (ASAP), BayPath Elder Services.

Our dedicated staff, some with more than 20 years of service to JFS, include: Dámaris Medina-Hernández, Olga Cordero, Margarita de Jesus, Michelle Dominguez, Josiah Ihechukwu,  Benita Martinez, Maxima Martinez, Keila Mieses, Elidia Morales, Elvia Lillian Morales, Ana Morillo-Rosario, Frederick Owusu, Dolores Paredes, Mirqueya Rosario Rivera, Patricia Ribeiro, Miriam Samayoa, Carmen Santana-Pimentel, Manuel Sayán, Lucinda Tejeda, Maria Vazquez and Shashona Kaye.

damaris2-277×300Dámaris Medina-Hernández, Manager, JFS Homecare
From Puerto Rico, speaks Spanish and English
With JFS since July 2000




olga-295×300Olga Cordero, PCA, CNA, Homemaker
From the Dominican Republic, speaks Spanish and English
With JFS since April 2006

“It is important to provide sufficient support that can change the client and have them be happy from that impact. I am very grateful to be working in this position at JFS. I do it as a passion and not just for the pay.”

Margartia-150×150Margarita de Jesús, Homemaker
From Puerto Rico, speaks Spanish and English
With JFS since March 2019

“It’s important because of the economy and the level of companionship that I have a passion for and that is something I look forward to on a daily basis when working with elders.”

michelle-150×150Michelle Dominguez
With JFS since August 2015 




Josiah-150×150Josiah Ihechukwu, Homemaker
From Nigeria, speaks English and Ido
With JFS since June 2005

“It is very important because most clients cannot do a lot of stuff by themselves, so we need to do it all for them. Another important part is to keep them company as well as cleaning their house, doing their laundry and going shopping for them. Each client is different, and it depends on their needs; we make sure we aren’t invasive and that we are respectful, which includes respecting their opinions. We get to know the clients really well over time and the relationship grows.” 

Benita-150×150Benita Martinez
With JFS since June 2018




Maxima-homecare-150×150Maxima Martinez, PCA, Homemaker
From El Salvador, speaks Spanish and English
With JFS since August 2008

“This job is important to me because I have about 18 years of experience of working in my position. There may be some complicated clients but that doesn’t stop me from doing my job and providing support and help. I love helping and providing support to older adults. Older adults need help very often and so with my presence with my clients, it gives them joy. Also, it gives them a dignity of respect and human value. I’ve encountered some clients who died and found them dead and sometimes it is a hard position, but it goes to show that myself and other homemakers/PCA are their first person of contact when it comes to their needs.”

keila-mieses-381×382Keila Mieses, PCA, Homemaker 
From the Dominican Republic, speaks Spanish and English
With JFS since June 2007

“I’ve been working at JFS for quite some time now and it gives me flexibility to work and be able to have a work-life balance. My clients are humanitarian, and each person has their own challenges and for us to provide assistance for them to overcome those challenges is worth it.”

Elidia-150×150Elidia Morales, PCA
From Guatemala, speaks Spanish and English
With JFS since January 2018

“The job that I do is important because it helps elders with completing their IADL. I have a client who has difficulties completing those so my job is to provide the sufficient help and support to help the client. With my client, I normally clean and talk with them. Companionship is also another essential part of the job: La soledad es dura para ellos, y no solo voy a limpiar pero soy brindo mi companiaasi no se sienten solos.”

lillian-150×150Elvia Lillian Morales, CNA, PCA, Homemaker
From Guatemala, speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and basic Italian
With JFS since February 2016

“I have a client who I’ve been working with for quite some time now. My client lives alone; although she has family nearby, she doesn’t get their visit on a frequent basis. I would generally help bathe her, feed her and assist with her oxygen. My client shows gratitude for the work I do. When the holidays come by, I would usually work on the holidays with her. I help her with her food shopping, cleaning and cooking. My client is 100% dependent on me. I truly miss her since I am now not able to work due to an accident of my leg. I love what I do with my clients and it’s my passion to provide such assistance to them. I’ve been awarded for being an excellent CNA the past year as well.”

Ana Morillo, HHA
From the Dominican Republic, speaks Spanish and English
With JFS since May 2019

“The work that I am doing as a home health aide at JFS is important because we are helping the elder community with their care.”

Freddy-homecare-scaledFrederick (Freddy) Owusu
With JFS since May 2005




Dolores Paredes, Homemaker
From the Dominican Republic, speaks Spanish and basic English
With JFS since November 2013

It is important because I feel satisfied when helping out with clients when they need anything and for myself it is a source of income, but it is a such satisfying job to be able to provide that support to my clients.”

Mirqueya Rosario Rivera, HHA
From the Dominican Republic, speaks Spanish and English
With JFS since May 2019

I have been working with a client for about five years and I love working with this client because she has affection and understanding. The client loved when I prepared food for her and participated in small activities with her. I love my job because I love working with elders and providing the sufficient care I can to the elder community.”

Patricia-150×150Patricia Ribeiro, PCA and Homemaker 
From the U.S., speaks English and Portuguese
With JFS since July 2019

“It’s important so that the elderly population can stay in their homes longer and not have to go to nursing homes. Sometimes we are their only source of companionship. A lot of the job is to keep them and their houses clean, but an important aspect of the job is also to provide human interaction.” 

Miriam-384×382Miriam Samayoa 
With JFS since August 2017





Carmen-150×150Carmen Santana-Pimentel, HHA
From the Dominican Republic, speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese 
With JFS since February 2018

“The work I do is important at JFS since we provide compassion and companion and informal support to our clients. I have a client that I work with four days a week and I sometimes provide more support than I’m supposed to, but as people get older, their families tend to drift, and as a home health aide I am going to support these clients.”

Manuel-150×150Manuel Sayán
With JFS since August 2009




Lucinda-150×150Lucinda Tejeda
With JFS since November 2000




Maria Vazquez, Homemaker
From Guatemala, speaks Spanish, Italian, English and Portuguese
With JFS since March 2019

“The job I’m doing at JFS is important because I love what I do, and the company really provides such an amazing job on providing homecare to older adults.”

ShonaKayeHeadshot-cropped-200×200-1Shashona Kaye, RN, BSN
From the U.S., speaks English 

With JFS since February 2011

“I joined the JFS homecare program team in 2011. Since then I have participated in diabetes case management and geriatric care management as well. The work we do as part of the JFS homecare team and GCM is so important. As more and more elders are aging in place, it is a privilege to be able to be part of the process of helping our community members to continue to feel safe and secure in their home. Our homecare workers help the clients stay engaged and maintain their independence and dignity. It is a great honor to be invited into someone’s home to be able to participate in this process.”

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