Two daughters kissing their happy mother
(Photo: iStock/forsiba)

With Mother’s Day approaching on Sunday, May 13, we asked a handful of moms to tell us about some of their proudest mommy moments.

“I was so proud of Sam at Tot Shabbat this past Friday. He’s been going since he was a new baby, and he has now learned the melodies and sang right along to ‘Bim Bam’ for the first time. He even told the rabbi when it was time for him to open the ark to get the Torah!”
—Karyn (son Sam, 2)

“I find little things about Jake everyday that I’m proud of! One in particular was the first time he said his ABCs. He was singing and dancing along with Elmo, and he was so excited for himself. We actually got it on video!”
—Leslie (son Jacob, 3)

“My proudest moment so far was when Brody started doing all the signs (American Sign Language!) I had been trying to teach him. It was like something just clicked in his brain and he started doing several signs at the same time. The first sign he learned was ‘more’ so I know when he’s still hungry. Now he knows ‘thirsty,’ ‘milk’ and ‘all done,’ and we are working on ‘hungry’ and ‘change’ for his diaper. It has really helped our communication and helps Brody to better get what he really wants. He is so proud of himself when he does the sign and immediately gets what he wants!”
—Shelley (son Brody, 1)

“My proudest moment is when my son slept 10 hours straight through the night. Now he sleeps 12 hours, and I couldn’t be more proud!”
—Julia (son Alex, 9 months)

“When babies are little, it seems like they achieve a major accomplishment almost every day! I was proud when my daughter first rolled from her stomach to her back, when she rolled from her back to her stomach, when she started sitting up and when she started eating solids. But perhaps my proudest mom moment so far—and one of my daughter’s cutest moments—was when she started clapping for things she likes. It’s adorable!”
—Mara (daughter Brianna, 7 months)