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With Father’s Day around the corner, we asked a bunch of youngsters what they love about their dads. Their responses are sweet, silly and downright cute.

What do you love about your dad?

“He’s nice to me and gives me lots of hugs.”
—Jake, 3

“I like when my dad takes me on vacation to New York City.”
—Max, 5

“I think he’s a great dad because he plays catch with me every morning while I wait for the school bus. He is interested in coaching my sports teams. He wakes up early to have time with me in the morning before school.”
—James, 9

“He does the poopy dance!”
—Frieda, 4

“He loves me. He’s always nice to me. He works really hard. He teaches me to be the best person I can be. He makes me laugh. He works hard in the garden, and I have a great place to play. He lets me play the electric guitar. He introduced me to ‘Smoke on the Water.’ My dad is great because he’s great.”
—Ollie, 7

“Park. Ball. Silly.”
—Noah, 2

“He hangs out with us and plays games and does stuff with us. He keeps us safe. He doesn’t yell a lot. He’s really nice to us.”
—Natalie, 9

“He plays with me when I’m waiting for the bus. He tucks me into bed. He loves me. He gives me tons of hugs and kisses. That’s how I know he loves me.”
—Oren, 7

“Dad is great because he wakes me up in the morning. He takes me to the movie theater that I like, which is great. I love that he gives me snuggles. He lets me bring my princess umbrella to school just in case it rains. That’s what I love about him.”
—Asalie, 3

“He’s funny. He never gives up on you. He’s always there for you. He helps you. He has an amazing heart. He will cheer you up and he’ll make you smile. He loves us.”
—Roni, 11

“He bakes good cookies.”
—Hannah, 9

“He plays with me and fights with light sabers with me. He’s so nice to me.”
—Zach, 5

“There are so many reasons, it’s hard to pick!”
—Gabe, 7