The Foundation to Combat Antisemitism ran its first TV spot to combat antisemitism during the first quarter of the New England Patriots-New York Jets NFL game this Sunday, Oct. 30, calling attention to the concerning rise of antisemitism and mobilizing all Americans to #StandUpToJewishHate—not just today, but every day.

While Jews make up only 2.4% of the U.S. population, they are victims of 55% of religious based hate crimes. Yet, recent polling has found more than half of Americans do not believe antisemitism is a big problem, and 46% believe Jews are “more than capable of handling” issues of antisemitism on their own. The spot simply, but poetically, highlights this is not the case and the Jewish community needs broad support in fighting Jewish hate.

Robert K. Kraft founded the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism in 2019 to address the rising hate against Jews in the country and the existential threat it poses to the Jewish people. The Foundation is focused on understanding and responding to antisemitic messages and hate speech posted online and sharing the story of the Jewish people and the threats they face today with non-Jewish audiences.

Recent events and conversations have accelerated the urgency for the Foundation and the Kraft family to issue a rallying cry for all Americans to #StandUptoJewishHate. While the spotlight on Jewish hate has been more visible recently, Jewish people need support and solidarity every day. In the spring, The Foundation to Combat Antisemitism will launch a new, multi-million-dollar, multi-faceted campaign to scale this message further, focused predominantly on non-Jewish audiences across the country.

“We must do more to make people aware that antisemitism is a growing threat against Jews on social media and in communities across the country,” said Kraft. “I have committed tremendous resources toward this effort and am vowing to do more. I encourage others to join in these efforts. My hope is this commercial will continue to enhance the national conversation about the need to speak out against hatred of all types, and particularly to stand up to Jewish hate.”