I have no new words to offer about the Patriots’ inexplicable victory in Super Bowl LI 51 except that sometimes there are glitches in the matrix. It wasn’t supposed to happen. But it did.

While Malcolm Butler’s immaculate interception of Super Bowl XLIX 49 stands alone as the single greatest play in football history, what we witnessed on Sunday night carved a path straight into football Valhalla. Or actually above it. No other game is even close.

Everything had to happen exactly like as it unfolded for the Pats to win. Defensive stops. A turnover. Questionable Atlanta play-calling. Penalties. 90-yard drives. 2-point conversions. The EdelCatch.

One after one they were checked-off the to-do list and all that was left was a 2-yard toss sweep.


No. Checkmate.

Welcome to the post-argument era. By that, I mean that all the points are moot. Brady is the best ever. Belichick is the best ever. Kraft is the best ever. The Patriots are the best ever. We are the now squarely at the epicenter, on the Foundation Stone, of Best-Everness. End of story.

Our children will never believe us when we tell them about Schaefer Stadium, the Rick Pitino era, Reverse the Curse, and the wasteland of late 20th-century Boston sports. It will never be better than this; winning championships is all that they know. What an embarrassment of riches- except we have no right to be embarrassed. Much like Brady, I want the next one even more than the last one.

And while the Bruins chose yesterday to shamefully fire Claude Julien on Parade Day, the shamrocked Celtics sit 2.5 games above Toronto and only 2 games back of Cavs…and don’t tell me the Celtics don’t have a chance. Cleveland is flawed. Hell, even the Warriors are flawed. No matter what you might think right now, if we’ve learned anything from the past 8 months, it’s that anyone can win anything and that no one knows anything in the predictions business. The Cavs and Cubs can come from 3-1 down. Brexit and Trump pulled off stunning victories. Clemson beat Alabama. Et cetera.

KG said it best.

Anything is possible.

I’ve never believed that more than I do today.

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