How are you feeling about 2021 so far? I think it feels kind of like 2020, with a better name. Happily, kids tend to be more resilient and optimistic than adults, so I asked several of them for their hopes and resolutions for the coming year.

Their responses are cute and sad. Their wishes are big and simple, small and meaningful. No masks? Seeing friends? Seems so elemental. Hopefully their wishes become a reality sooner rather than later.

“I hope that I can travel in 2021, especially to Harry Potter land. I also hope that we don’t have to wear masks anymore.”
—Reagan, 8

“I hope that I can go swimming.”
—Georgia, 6

“I hope that I can go camping and go swimming, and maybe get an inflatable pool. I also hope that we can go to school full-time and not remote.”
—Shay, 8

“I’d like to be able to play with my friends and not stay six feet apart. I want to go back to preschool and go to the beach.”
—Pete, 4

“I hope that I can travel and see our friends.”
—Rye, 5

“Because I am the oldest of four, I am going to work on being more patient and tolerant with my siblings. My hope for 2021 is that coronavirus goes away so I can go to school with my friends, like a normal year.”
—Marissa, 13

“Play dates or even have a party! Get a hair cut! Go to overnight camp!”
—Anonymous, 10

“I want to work on admitting when I am wrong. My hope for 2021 is that COVID goes away enough so I can spend time with my friends.”
—Aria, 11

“I want to go to Zaftigs!”
—Shoshana, 5

“I want to go to Disney World the day after coronavirus goes away.”
—Ami, 7

“I want to be able to train my guinea pig, Butterball, to use two paws to clean herself. And I’d really like COVID to go away.”
—Andy, 10